Duquesne Confident in Plan to Make Men's Basketball a Winner

By Atlantic 10 Conference

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The following is an excerpt from The Tribune-Review's Jerry DiPaola. Read the entire article here.

The young camper's eyes grew wide when Duquesne coach Keith Dambrot pulled out his cell phone and showed him the text message.

The sender: LeBron James.

"Ever been to his house?" the boy wanted to know.

"Well, yes," Dambrot said.

And, thus, one small seed in the hopeful rebirth of Duquesne basketball was planted during Dambrot's camp recently at Palumbo Center. Even if the boy never becomes a college prospect, Dambrot said, perhaps his dad will take him to a game.

Dambrot, who was James' coach at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, knows the fix-it job won't be an easy one. He will need more than his friendship with James to make it work at Duquesne, but he said, "I'm sure if he gets a chance, he'll come to a game."

Not just because James supported the move, Dambrot believes coming to Duquesne after 13 successful seasons at Akron was a good decision despite the school's 40-year NCAA Tournament drought.

"Most of the decisions I've made in my life have been good ones," he said. "Not all, but most of them."

The man who made the decision to hire Dambrot is just this side of giddy when he talks about having all the elements in place to make the Dukes an eventual winner.

"The pillars of any good program we always refer to as the three C's," athletic director Dave Harper said, referring to conference, commitment and coach.


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