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Atlantic 10 Concludes Fall Business Meeting with Athletic Directors, Student-Athletes

By Atlantic 10 Conference

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RICHMOND, Va.  The Atlantic 10 Athletic Directors concluded their fall business meeting Monday, where members of the A-10 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) joined them.  The meeting was intentionally structured to provide the student-athletes an opportunity to learn about the Division I governance process.  Additionally, the directors engaged in one-on-one discussions with the SAAC representatives; listening and learning collectively about the most pressing issues facing today’s student-athletes.


“This is the fourth year in a row that the A-10 has invited the SAAC representatives to participate in league business meetings. I believe it’s an excellent opportunity for our athletes to step away from their teams and represent all student-athletes at their institutions on a conference level,” stated Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade. “The Athletic Directors in this conference have committed to extending the meeting schedule to spend time in a professional environment with the SAAC members.  Their interaction, exchange of information and collaborative creative thinking allows the A-10 to lead the way nationally in this educational and professional development effort.”


In the business meetings, the directors reviewed future championship sites for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 sport seasons.  They received a comprehensive report from the newly appointed Sport Competition Committee, charged with reviewing the competitive strength and policies related to A-10 Olympic sports and championships. Also discussed was NCAA legislation, the status of the basketball commission recommendations, men’s basketball MTE’s, the A-10 Advancement Committee progress and received a presentation on the new NCAA men’s basketball NET metric.  The league’s communication staff provided a detailed progress report on the success of the A-10’s newest partnership with ESPN+, a newly launched conference website and the upcoming national television package, which includes a new schedule of games on Stadium, in conjunction with the national games on ESPN, CBS Sports Network, and NBCSN.


The SAAC business meeting included a variety of topics, including a positive report on the recent national diversity and inclusion social media campaign the group just concluded.  In addition, the advisory committee participated in a formal seminar focused on mental health and wellness.  The group agreed that mental health and wellness would be a SAAC initiative and priority focus for the upcoming year.


Following the meetings, the directors and SAAC came together for roundtable discussion on four topics: diversity and inclusion, career preparation and launch, campus sexual assault, and student-athletes and activism. Participating in the round tables were all SAAC members, all Athletic Directors, conference office staff and seminar facilitators who attended the meeting.  In addition, an episode of the conference’s podcast “Around the A-10” was recorded,  highlighting four SAAC members, Thorr Bjorn, Athletic Director’s chair and Commissioner McGlade.


In closing the two-day meetings, the Athletic Directors and SAAC members were inspired by keynote speaker Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher, who addressed cross-cultural mentoring and illustrated the importance of working together and learning in an inclusive environment. A nationally recognized presenter and academic, Crutcher serves as Presidential Spouse and Cross-Cultural Mentoring Consultant at the University of Richmond with her husband Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher, President.

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