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EXCERPT: They Knew Stephen Curry When. His N.B.A. Evolution Has Them Asking 'How?'

By Atlantic 10 Conference

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But this pair of finals commentators has a particular insight into Curry’s basketball skills, having seen them up close. How many broadcasting duos can say they practiced with and against Curry for years?

Before he figured in debates about the best shooters of all time, Curry went to Davidson College in North Carolina, where he played for three seasons. He burst onto the national scene carrying the underdog program to the regional finals in the 2008 N.C.A.A. tournament. Two of Curry’s teammates during that run, Archambault and Gosselin, also are along for the ride now as Curry tries for a third straight N.B.A. championship.

Except this time they are in the TV booth, and they are unsure whom to root for: their former college teammate or the Toronto Raptors, on the verge of winning their first N.B.A. title and pushing Canadian interest in basketball to its peak.

Few saw Curry the way these two did in their four seasons at Davidson. After leaving college — Archambault in 2010 and Gosselin in 2009 — the Quebec natives were approached by R.D.S. in 2013 to analyze N.C.A.A. games. Eventually, as the Warriors began their dominance, R.D.S. asked them to shift to the N.B.A.

“It’s a great opportunity because one comes from the other,” Gosselin said in a phone interview. “The fact that we had the success we had in college was greatly generated by Steph’s unbelievable talent. He’s generating more fantastic opportunities for Will and I.”

At Davidson, Gosselin and Archambault said, Curry’s talent was apparent behind the scenes.

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