Jeff Woods: 5 Tips for a Winning Workforce Transition

By Atlantic 10 Conference

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Courtesy: Associated Press

Former Rhode Island track and field student-athlete Jeff Woods shares five traits needed for successful workplace transition as part of the NCAA's series, "After the Game." Below is an excerpt by Kristina Stockburger on Wood's perspective on how student-athletes can apply lessons learned from competition for a smooth transition to the workforce. To read the full story, click here.

Establish mutual trust.

As a student-athlete, coaches are trusting you to first perform in the classroom, then perform on the track. As an athlete, if you do not give 100 percent effort in practice, you will not give 100 percent effort during the game. This same mentality translates to the workforce.

Be honest with others and yourself. Relationships need a solid foundation of trust to flourish. Develop the necessary habits to foster relationships with your supervisors and peers that are built on trust.

I look to establish mutual trust in all my relationships — with my spouse, children, employer, friends. I learned that if people can't trust you with the little things, they will not trust you with the bigger things.


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